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The list covers companies that changed their corporate name from 1980 to present. For inquiries on companies that are not included in the list, you may send an e-mail to [email protected]

Old NameImmediately Succeeding NameEffectivity DateCurrent Name
Suntrust Home Developers, Inc.Suntrust Resort Holdings, Inc.June 20, 2022Suntrust Resort Holdings, Inc.
DoubleDragon Properties Corp.DoubleDragon CorporationNovember 26, 2021DoubleDragon Corporation
Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc.The Keepers Holdings, Inc.September 13, 2021The Keepers Holdings, Inc.
Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation US Dollar-Denominated Preferred B-2 SharesCirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation Preferred B-2 Subseries “A” SharesFebruary 22, 2021Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation Preferred B-2 Subseries “A” Shares
AC Energy Philippines, Inc.AC Energy CorporationJanuary 15, 2021ACEN CORPORATION
LMG Chemicals Corp.LMG Corp.August 19, 2020LMG Corp.
ISM Communications CorporationDITO CME Holdings Corp.April 1, 2020DITO CME Holdings Corp.
Pacifica, Inc.Pacifica Holdings, Inc.December 4, 2019Pacifica Holdings, Inc.
Century Peak Metals Holdings CorporationCentury Peak Holdings CorporationDecember 3, 2019Century Peak Holdings Corporation
PHINMA Petroleum and Geothermal, Inc.ACE Enexor, Inc.November 19, 2019ACE Enexor, Inc.
PHINMA Energy CorporationAC Energy Philippines, Inc.October 23, 2019ACEN CORPORATION
Starmalls, Inc.Vistamalls, Inc.September 25, 2019Vistamalls, Inc.
Prime Orion Philippines, Inc.AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp.May 20, 2019AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp.
Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp.Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp.May 20, 2019Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp.
Philippine H2O Ventures Corp.PH Resorts Group Holdings, Inc.December 20, 2018PH Resorts Group Holdings, Inc.
IRC Properties, Inc.Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc.November 28, 2018Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc.
San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. Perpetual Preferred Shares Series “2“San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc. Perpetual Preferred Shares Series “2“April 5, 2018San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc. Perpetual Preferred Shares Series “2“
San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. – PreferredSan Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc. - PreferredApril 5, 2018San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc. - Preferred
San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc.San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc.April 5, 2018San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc.
Golden Haven, Inc.Golden Bria Holdings, Inc.March 14, 2018Golden Bria Holdings, Inc.
AG Finance, IncorporatedFerronoux Holdings, Inc.February 19, 2018Ferronoux Holdings, Inc.
Golden Haven Memorial Park, Inc.Golden Haven, Inc.November 14, 2017Golden Bria Holdings, Inc.
Trans-Asia Petroleum CorporationPHINMA Petroleum and Geothermal, Inc.June 29, 2017ACE Enexor, Inc.
Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines Corp.SFA Semicon Philippines CorporationJune 6, 2017SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation
Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts CorporaitonMelco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) CorporationMay 30, 2017Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation
Alterra Capital Partners, Inc.Philab Holdings Corp.February 16, 2017Philab Holdings Corp.
Yehey! CorporationApollo Global Capital, Inc.October 20, 2016Apollo Global Capital, Inc.
Philex Petroleum CorporationPXP Energy CorporationSeptember 8, 2016PXP Energy Corporation
Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development CorporationPHINMA Energy CorporationSeptember 2, 2016ACEN CORPORATION
Philippine Long Distance Telephone CompanyPLDT Inc.August 11, 2016PLDT Inc.
AsiaTrust Development Bank, Inc.NextGenesis CorporationJanuary 19, 2016NextGenesis Corporation
TKC Steel CorporationTKC Metals CorporationJanuary 12, 2016TKC Metals Corporation
Minerales Industrias CorporationIPM Holdings, IncDecember 17, 2015IPM Holdings, Inc
Lafarge Republic, Inc.Republic Cement & Building Materials, IncNovember 26, 2015Republic Cement & Building Materials, Inc
iRipple, Inc.Alterra Capital Partners, Inc.November 12, 2015Philab Holdings Corp.
Federal Resources Investment Group, Inc.LBC Express Holdings, Inc.October 30, 2015LBC Express Holdings, Inc.
Southeast Asia Cement Holdings, Inc.Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc.January 14, 2015Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc.
South China Resources, Inc.SOCResources, Inc.October 3, 2014SOCResources, Inc.
Fil-Estate CorporationMetro Global Holdings CorporationSeptember 29, 2014Metro Global Holdings Corporation
Sinophil CorporationPremium Leisure Corp.September 17, 2014Premium Leisure Corp.
Calapan Ventures, Inc.Philippine H2O Ventures CorporationSeptember 11, 2014Philippine H2O Ventures Corporation
Pancake House, Inc.Max's Group, Inc.September 4, 2014Max's Group, Inc.
Semirara Mining CorporationSemirara Mining and Power CorporationAugust 29, 2014Semirara Mining and Power Corporation
Bankard, Inc.Bright Kindle Resources & Investments Inc.May 14, 2014Bright Kindle Resources & Investments Inc.
NextStage, Inc.Jackstones, Inc.May 5, 2014Jackstones, Inc.
Philippine Tobacco Flue-Curing & Redrying CorporationPTFC Redevelopment CorporationMarch 27, 2014PTFC Redevelopment Corporation
Maybank ATR Kim Eng Financial CorporationMacay Holdings, Inc.February 12, 2014Macay Holdings, Inc.
Abacus Consolidated Res.& Holdings, Inc.AbaCore Capital Holdings, IncNovember 18, 2013AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc
IP Converge Data Center, Inc.8990 Holdings, Inc.October 9, 20138990 Holdings, Inc.
TrillionStars Holdings, Inc.Emperador Inc.October 7, 2013Emperador Inc.
Touch Solutions, Inc.TrillionStars Holdings, Inc.October 1, 2013Emperador Inc.
Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc.Now CorporationSeptember 4, 2013Now Corporation
Mariwasa Siam Holdings, Inc.Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc.July 17, 2013The Keepers Holdings, Inc.
Alcorn Gold Resources CorporationCosco Capital, Inc.May 14, 2013Cosco Capital, Inc.
IPVG CorporationMillennium Global Holdings, Inc.March 21, 2013Millennium Global Holdings, Inc.
Manchester International Holdings Unlimited CorporationMelco Crown (Philippines) Resorts CorporationMarch 19, 2013Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts Corporation
Tanduay Holdings, Inc.LT Group, Inc.November 20, 2012LT Group, Inc.
JTH Davies Holdings, Inc.STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc.September 28, 2012STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc.
Republic Cement CorporationLafarge Republic, Inc.July 23, 2012Republic Cement & Building Materials, Inc
Polar Property Holdings CorporationStarmalls, Inc.July 3, 2012Vistamalls, Inc.
AGP Industrial CorporationAsiabest Group International Inc.April 10, 2012Asiabest Group International Inc.
ATR KimEng Financial CorporationMaybank ATR Kim Eng Financial CorporationMarch 25, 2012Macay Holdings, Inc.
ATS Consolidated (ATSC), Inc.2GO Group, Inc.March 22, 20122GO Group, Inc.
Aboitiz Transport System (ATSC) Corporation- Pref.2GO Group, Inc. - PreferredMarch 22, 20122GO Group, Inc. - Preferred, Inc.COL Financial Group, Inc.March 21, 2012COL Financial Group, Inc.
Active Alliance, IncorporatedBloomberry Resorts CorporationMarch 14, 2012Bloomberry Resorts Corporation
Interport Resources Corporation “A” & “B”IRC Properties, Inc.February 16, 2012Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc.
Interport Resources – Warrants “A” & “B”IRC Properties, Inc. "Warrants"February 16, 2012IRC Properties, Inc. "Warrants"
Premiere Entertainment Philippines, Inc.Premiere Horizon Alliance CorporationJanuary 11, 2012Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation
MIC Holdings CorporationGlobalport 900, Inc.December 15, 2011Globalport 900, Inc.
Aboitiz Transport System (ATSC) CorporationATS Consolidated (ATSC), Inc.December 1, 20112GO Group, Inc.
Banco de Oro Unibank Inc.BDO Unibank, Inc.November 16, 2011BDO Unibank, Inc.
East Asia Power Resources CorporationCentury Properties Group Inc.November 10, 2011Century Properties Group Inc.
MUSX CorporationGreenergy Holdings IncorporatedJuly 7, 2011Greenergy Holdings Incorporated
Fil-Estate Land, Inc.Global-Estate Resorts, Inc.March 29, 2011Global-Estate Resorts, Inc.
UEM Development Phils., Inc.Synergy Grid & Development Phils., Inc.March 28, 2011Synergy Grid & Development Phils., Inc.
Energy Development (EDC) CorporationEnergy Development CorporationNovember 16, 2010Energy Development Corporation
ABS-CBN Broadcasting CorporationABS-CBN CorporationAugust 25, 2010ABS-CBN Corporation
Alliance Tuna International, Inc.Alliance Select Foods International, Inc.August 5, 2010Alliance Select Foods International, Inc.
Ripple E-Business International, Inc.iRipple, Inc.July 12, 2010Philab Holdings Corp.
Benpres Holdings CorporationLopez Holdings CorporationJuly 5, 2010Lopez Holdings Corporation
Prime Gaming Philippines, Inc.Berjaya Philippines, Inc.June 25, 2010Berjaya Philippines, Inc.
Bacnotan Consolidated Industries, Inc.Phinma CorporationJune 17, 2010Phinma Corporation
Pilipino Telephone CorporationPLDT Communications and Energy Ventures, Inc.June 3, 2010PLDT Communications and Energy Ventures, Inc.
Macondray Plastics, Inc.Alphaland CorporationApril 16, 2010Alphaland Corporation Holdings, Inc.Marcventures Holdings, Inc.April 12, 2010Marcventures Holdings, Inc.
MRC Allied Industries, Inc.MRC Allied, Inc.April 7, 2010MRC Allied, Inc.
MJCI Investments, Inc.MJC Investments CorporationOctober 29, 2009MJC Investments Corporation
Diversified Financial Network, Inc.DFNN, Inc.October 8, 2009DFNN, Inc.
CADP Group CorporationRoxas and Company, Inc.July 2, 2009Roxas and Company, Inc.
First Philippine Infrastructure, Inc.Metro Pacific Tollways CorporationApril 22, 2009Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation
Interphil Laboratories, Inc.Manchester International Holdings Unlimited CorporationFebruary 13, 2009Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts Corporation
Music Semiconductors CorporationMUSX CorporationFebruary 10, 2009Greenergy Holdings Incorporated
EIB Realty Developers, Inc.Arthaland CorporationJanuary 13, 2009Arthaland Corporation
Aries Prime Resources, Inc.MJCI Investments, Inc.October 10, 2008MJC Investments Corporation
Premiere Entertainment Productions, Inc.Premiere Entertainment Philippines, Inc.September 11, 2008Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation
PNOC Energy Development CorporationEnergy Development (EDC) CorporationAugust 8, 2008Energy Development (EDC) Corporation
Mariwasa Manufacturing, Inc.Mariwasa Siam Holdings, Inc.August 8, 2008The Keepers Holdings, Inc.
PCI Leasing and Finance, Inc.BDO Leasing and Finance, Inc.July 4, 2008BDO Leasing and Finance, Inc.
iVantage CorporationVantage Equities, Inc.May 7, 2008Vantage Equities, Inc.
City Resources (Phil.) CorporationFirst Philippine Infrastructure, Inc.January 18, 2008Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation
Salcon Power CorporationSPC Power CorporationNovember 26, 2007SPC Power Corporation
Zipporah Realty Holdings, Inc.Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.November 7, 2007Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.
Federal Chemicals, Inc.Federal Resources Investment Group, Inc.October 11, 2007LBC Express Holdings, Inc.
Multitech Investments CorporationMinerales Industrias CorporationOctober 8, 2007IPM Holdings, Inc
Basic Petroleum CorporationBasic Energy CorporationSeptember 4, 2007Basic Energy Corporation
EDSA Properties Holdings, Inc.Shang Properties, Inc.August 10, 2007Shang Properties, Inc.
Balabac Resources & Holdings Co., Inc.Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.July 31, 2007Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.
Magnum Holdings, Inc.NiHAO Mineral Resources International, Inc.July 11, 2007NiHAO Mineral Resources International, Inc.
Equitable PCI Bank, Inc.Banco de Oro - EPCI, Inc.June 4, 2007BDO Unibank, Inc.
Banco de Oro – EPCI, Inc.Banco de Oro Unibank Inc.May 31, 2007BDO Unibank, Inc.
SQL * Wizard Inc.TKC Steel CorporationMarch 8, 2007TKC Metals Corporation
Baguio Gold Holdings CorporationPAL Holdings, Inc.January 30, 2007PAL Holdings, Inc.
Basic Consolidated, Inc.Basic Petroleum CorporationDecember 4, 2006Basic Energy Corporation
Global Equities, Inc.GEOGRACE Resources Philippines, Inc.November 27, 2006GEOGRACE Resources Philippines, Inc.
Corro-Coat, Inc.Chemrez Technologies, Inc.October 16, 2006Chemrez Technologies, Inc.
Cashrounds, Inc.Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc.September 26, 2006Now Corporation
Jardine Davies, Inc.JTH Davies Holdings, Inc.June 14, 2006STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc.
Fairmont Holdings, Inc.Suntrust Home Developers, Inc.May 19, 2006Suntrust Resort Holdings, Inc.
ATR Kim Eng Financial CorporationATR KimEng Financial CorporationFebruary 25, 2006Macay Holdings, Inc.
Fil-Hispano Holdings CorporationPaxys, Inc.October 21, 2005Paxys, Inc.
Fil Hispano Holdings CorporationPaxys, Inc.October 21, 2005Paxys, Inc.
Transpacific Broadcast Group Int’l. Inc.Transpacific Broadband Group International, Inc.September 21, 2005Transpacific Broadband Group International, Inc.
Matsushita Electric Phils.CorporationPanasonic Manufacturing Philippines CorporationMay 11, 2005Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation
Union Cement CorporationHolcim Philippines, Inc.January 12, 2005Holcim Philippines, Inc.
Polar Mines and Development CorporationPolar Property Holdings CorporationNovember 19, 2004Vistamalls, Inc.
William, Gothong & Aboitiz, Inc. – Redeemable PreferredAboitiz Transport System (ATSC) Corporation- Pref.March 30, 20042GO Group, Inc. - Preferred
William, Gothong, & Aboitiz Inc.Aboitiz Transport System (ATSC) CorporationMarch 30, 20042GO Group, Inc.
Music CorporationMusic Semiconductors CorporationMarch 9, 2004Greenergy Holdings Incorporated
Lodestar Mining CorporationLodestar Investment Holdings CorporationFebruary 12, 2004Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation
MBF Inc.IPVG CorporationFebruary 9, 2004Millennium Global Holdings, Inc.
First e-Bank Corporation ( A Development Bank)Prime Media Holdings, Inc.October 20, 2003Prime Media Holdings, Inc.
Ebecom Holdings, Inc.Aries Prime Resources, Inc.October 10, 2003MJC Investments Corporation
Sun Life Financial Services of Canada Inc.Sun Life Financial Inc.July 17, 2003Sun Life Financial Inc.
Philtread Holdings CorporationATR Kim Eng Financial CorporationJuly 4, 2003Macay Holdings, Inc.
La Tonde?a Distillers, Inc.Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.May 5, 2003Ginebra San Miguel, Inc., Inc.Vivant CorporationApril 25, 2003Vivant Corporation
Central Azucarera de la CarlotaCADP Group CorporationJanuary 31, 2003Roxas and Company, Inc.
Philweb.Com, Inc. – WarrantsPhilweb Corporation - WarrantsDecember 2, 2002Philweb Corporation - Warrants
Philweb.Com, Inc.Philweb CorporationNovember 28, 2002Philweb Corporation
Urbancorp Realty Developers, Inc.EIB Realty Developers, Inc.October 7, 2002Arthaland Corporation
Global Business Bank, Inc.Global Business Holdings, Inc.September 30, 2002Global Business Holdings, Inc.
Urban Bank, Inc.Export and Industry Bank, Inc.September 9, 2002Export and Industry Bank, Inc.
Highlands Prime Leisure Properties, Inc.Highlands Prime, Inc.July 12, 2002Highlands Prime, Inc.
Itogon-Suyoc Mines, Inc.ISM Communications CorporationJune 24, 2002ISM Communications Corporation
Pure Foods CorporationSan Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc.April 12, 2002San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc.
Guoco Holdings (Phils.), Inc.Prime Orion Philippines, Inc.January 16, 2002AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp.
Central Azucarera Don PedroRoxas Holdings, Inc.December 20, 2001Roxas Holdings, Inc.
Pacemco Holdings, Inc.NextStage, Inc.July 10, 2001Jackstones, Inc.
Philtread Tire & Rubber CorporationPhiltread Holdings CorporationApril 2, 2001Macay Holdings, Inc.
Selecta Dairy Products,, Inc.January 26, 2001Vivant Corporation
Semirara Coal CorporationSemirara Mining CorporationJanuary 8, 2001Semirara Mining and Power Corporation
Air Philippines, International CorporationForum Pacific, Inc.December 14, 2000Forum Pacific, Inc.
BW Resource CorporationFairmont Holdings, Inc.October 20, 2000Suntrust Resort Holdings, Inc.
Vantage Equities, Inc.iVantage CorporationOctober 12, 2000Vantage Equities, Inc.
Solid Bank CorporationFirst Metro Investment CorporationOctober 2, 2000First Metro Investment Corporation
Island Mining & Industrial CorporationIsland Information & Technology, Inc.September 22, 2000Island Information & Technology, Inc.
Armstrong Holdings, Inc.Multitech Investments CorporationSeptember 18, 2000IPM Holdings, Inc
Ionics Circuits, Inc.Ionics, Inc.August 3, 2000Ionics, Inc.
Pacific Cement Company, Inc.Pacemco Holdings, Inc.July 20, 2000Jackstones, Inc.
PDCP Development BankFirst e-Bank Corporation (A Development Bank)June 6, 2000Prime Media Holdings, Inc.
The Philippine Banking CorporationGlobal Business Bank, Inc.May 5, 2000Global Business Holdings, Inc.
Petrofields CorporationiPeople, inc.April 19, 2000iPeople, inc.
Equitable Banking CorporationEquitable PCI Bank, Inc.February 17, 2000Equitable PCI Bank, Inc.
South Seas Natural Resources, Inc.Philweb.Com, Inc. - CommonFebruary 17, 2000Philweb Corporation
Acoje Holdings, Holdings, Inc.February 15, 2000Marcventures Holdings, Inc.
Hi Cement CorporationUnion Cement CorporationFebruary 11, 2000Holcim Philippines, Inc.
Alcorn Petroleum & Minerals CorporationAlcorn Gold Resources CorporationFebruary 11, 2000Cosco Capital, Inc.
Alcorn Petroleum & Minerals Corp.Alcorn Gold Resources CorporationFebruary 11, 2000Cosco Capital, Inc.
Centennial City, Inc.Cyber Bay CorporationFebruary 2, 2000Cyber Bay Corporation
MUI Resources Philippines, Inc.EDSA Properties Holdings, Inc.January 27, 2000Shang Properties, Inc.
Alliance Global, Inc.Alliance Global Group, Inc.December 3, 1999Alliance Global Group, Inc.
Asian Pacific Equity CorporationTanduay Holdings, Inc.November 19, 1999LT Group, Inc.
Consolidated Insurance Company, Inc.BHI Holdings, Inc.November 12, 1999BHI Holdings, Inc.
Marsman & Company, Inc.Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities CorporationOctober 26, 1999Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corporation
Atlas Fertilizer CorporationLeisure & Resorts World CorporationOctober 22, 1999Leisure & Resorts World Corporation
MegaworldProperties & Holdings, inc.Megaworld CorporationAugust 27, 1999Megaworld Corporation
Metropolitan Insurance CompanyMIC Holdings CorporationAugust 11, 1999Globalport 900, Inc.
Dharmala Philippines, Inc.Wise Holdings, Inc.March 12, 1999Wise Holdings, Inc.
Greater Asia Resources CorporationBW Resource CorporationMarch 1, 1999Suntrust Resort Holdings, Inc.
Cebu Shipyard and Engineering Works, Inc.Keppel Philippines Properties, Inc.October 5, 1998Keppel Philippines Properties, Inc.
Kepphil Shipyard, Inc.Keppel Philippines Marine, Inc.September 2, 1998Keppel Philippines Marine, Inc.
Globe Telecom GMCR, Inc.Globe Telecom, Inc.August 28, 1998Globe Telecom, Inc.
Monterey – San Miguel Properties, Inc.San Miguel Properties, Inc.July 23, 1998San Miguel Properties, Inc.
South China Petroleum & Exploration, Inc.South China Resources, Inc.July 1, 1998SOCResources, Inc.
Trans-Asia Oil and Mineral Development CorporationTrans-Asia Oil and Energy Development CorporationMay 5, 1998ACEN CORPORATION
Prime Gaming Management CorporationPrime Gaming Philippines, Inc.May 4, 1998Berjaya Philippines, Inc.
Jollibee Foods WarrantsQueenbee Resources WarrantApril 1, 1998Queenbee Resources Warrant
San Jose Oil Company, Inc.Fil-Estate CorporationFebruary 25, 1998Metro Global Holdings Corporation
Boulevard Properties Holdings, Inc.Boulevard Holdings, Inc.February 25, 1998Boulevard Holdings, Inc.
Monterey Farms CorporationMonterey - San Miguel Properties, Inc.February 13, 1998San Miguel Properties, Inc.
Central Azucarera de PilarPrime Gaming Management CorporationJanuary 15, 1998Berjaya Philippines, Inc.
Forum Pacific, Inc.Air Philippines, International CorporationOctober 30, 1997Forum Pacific, Inc.
Republic Resources & Development CorporationWellex Industries, Inc.September 30, 1997Wellex Industries, Inc.
Basic Petroleum & Minerals, Inc.Basic Consolidated, Inc.September 22, 1997Basic Energy Corporation
Palawan Oil & Gas Exploration, Inc.Vantage Equities, Inc.September 1, 1997Vantage Equities, Inc.
Fil Hispano Ceramics, Inc.Fil-Hispano Holdings CorporationAugust 28, 1997Paxys, Inc.
Balabac Oil Explo. & Drilling Co., Inc.Balabac Resources & Holdings Co., Inc.August 15, 1997Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.
Ultrana Enery Resources CorporationF & J Prince Holdings CorporationAugust 13, 1997F & J Prince Holdings Corporation
Pryce Properties, Inc.Pryce CorporationAugust 7, 1997Pryce Corporation
Liberty Mines, Inc.Philcomsat Holdings CorporationJuly 30, 1997Philcomsat Holdings Corporation
Unioil & Gas Development Company, Inc.Unioil Resources & Holdings Company, Inc.July 10, 1997Unioil Resources & Holdings Company, Inc.
Reynolds Philippine CorporationReynolds Philippines CorporationJuly 8, 1997Reynolds Philippines Corporation
Petrofields Exploration & Development Co., Inc.Petrofields CorporationJune 23, 1997iPeople, inc.
Music Semiconductors CorporationMusic CorporationJune 23, 1997Greenergy Holdings Incorporated
RFC, Inc.MBF Inc.June 20, 1997Millennium Global Holdings, Inc.
Palawan Consolidated Mining Co., Inc.Ebecom Holdings, Inc.February 20, 1997MJC Investments Corporation
Integrated Chrome CorporationAraneta Properties, Inc.January 30, 1997Araneta Properties, Inc.
Zipporah Mining & Industrial CorporationZipporah Realty Holdings, Inc.November 20, 1996Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.
Saztec Philippines (SPI), Inc.SPI Technologies, Inc.November 14, 1996SPI Technologies, Inc.
Mankayan Mineral & Development CorporationUEM Development Phils., Inc.November 4, 1996Synergy Grid & Development Phils., Inc.
Cophil Exploration CorporationForum Pacific, Inc.October 3, 1996Forum Pacific, Inc.
Baguio Gold Mining CompanyBaguio Gold Holdings CorporationSeptember 23, 1996PAL Holdings, Inc.
JR Garments CorporationZeus Holdings, Inc.September 13, 1996Zeus Holdings, Inc.
Suricon Resources CorporationGotesco Land, Inc.August 5, 1996Gotesco Land, Inc.
Saztec Philippines, Inc.Saztec Philippines (SPI), Inc.July 25, 1996SPI Technologies, Inc.
Acoje Oil Explo.& Drilling Co., Inc.Acoje Holdings, Inc.July 25, 1996Marcventures Holdings, Inc.
Guoco Land (Phils.), Inc.Centennial City, Inc.July 17, 1996Cyber Bay Corporation
Southeast Pacific Rim Res.& Development CorporationCrown Equities, Inc.July 8, 1996Crown Equities, Inc.
Atok Big Wedge Mining Co., Inc.Atok-Big Wedge Company, Inc.July 3, 1996Atok-Big Wedge Company, Inc.
Philippine Cocoa Estates CorporationPhilippine Estates CorporationJune 26, 1996Philippine Estates Corporation
United Paracale Mining CompanySolid Group, Inc.June 24, 1996Solid Group, Inc.
Jabpract Mining & Industrial CorporationATN Holdings, Inc.June 17, 1996ATN Holdings, Inc.
SM Fund, Inc.SM Development CorporationJune 10, 1996SM Development Corporation
Universal Pet. Exploration, Inc.Universal Rightfield Prop.Holdings, Inc.May 29, 1996Universal Rightfield Prop.Holdings, Inc.
Radiowealth Finance Company, Inc.RFC, Inc.April 15, 1996Millennium Global Holdings, Inc.
Anglo Philippine Oil & Mining CorporationAnglo Philippine Holdings CorporationApril 1, 1996Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation
Northwest Holdings & Res. CorporationEast Asia Power Resources CorporationMarch 29, 1996Century Properties Group Inc.
William Lines, Inc.William, Gothong, & Aboitiz Inc.March 12, 19962GO Group, Inc.
7-Seas Oil Explo. & Resources, Inc.First Abacus Financial Holdings CorporationFebruary 13, 1996First Abacus Financial Holdings Corporation
Asian Petroleum CorporationAPC Group, Inc.January 10, 1996APC Group, Inc.
Cobertson Holdings CorporationMacroAsia CorporationNovember 16, 1995MacroAsia Corporation
The Energy CorporationAsia Amalgamated Holdings CorporationOctober 17, 1995Asia Amalgamated Holdings Corporation
Manila Wine Merchants, Inc.Asian Pacific Equity CorporationOctober 2, 1995LT Group, Inc.
La Suerte Gold MiningCorporationGlobal Equities, Inc.September 13, 1995GEOGRACE Resources Philippines, Inc.
Shangri-la Properties, Inc.MUI Resources Philippines, Inc.August 22, 1995Shang Properties, Inc.
Gaming Interest and Franchise, Inc.Greater Asia Resources CorporationAugust 17, 1995Suntrust Resort Holdings, Inc.
Olecram Mining CorporationNorthwest Holdings & Res. CorporationJuly 3, 1995Century Properties Group Inc.
Terra Grande Resources, Inc.Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc.June 20, 1995Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc.
Summit Minerals, Inc.Magnum Holdings, Inc.June 20, 1995NiHAO Mineral Resources International, Inc.
Pacific Rim Oil & Resources, Inc.Southeast Pacific Rim Res.& Development CorporationJune 13, 1995Crown Equities, Inc.
Mindanao Exploration & Development CorporationMEDCO Holdings, Inc.May 12, 1995MEDCO Holdings, Inc.
Terra Grande Res.& Explo.& Development CorporationTerra Grande Resources, Inc.March 14, 1995Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc.
Paper Industries Corporation of the Phils.PICOP Resources, Inc.February 14, 1995PICOP Resources, Inc.
Colossal Mining and Explo. CorporationDominion Asian Equities, Inc.November 21, 1994Dominion Asian Equities, Inc.
Omico Mining & Industrial CorporationOmico CorporationNovember 7, 1994Omico Corporation
Belle Resources CorporationBelle CorporationAugust 29, 1994Belle Corporation
Wise and CompanyDharmala Philippines, Inc.August 18, 1994Wise Holdings, Inc.
Infanta Minerals & Industrial CorporationCobertson Holdings CorporationFebruary 10, 1994MacroAsia Corporation
Chemphil-LMG, Inc.LMG Chemicals CorporationFebruary 8, 1994LMG Chemicals Corporation
Philippine Orion Properties, Inc.Guoco Holdings (Phils.), Inc.January 17, 1994AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp.
First Lepanto CorporationGuoco Land (Phils.), Inc.January 17, 1994Cyber Bay Corporation
Ramie Textiles, Inc.Gaming Interest and Franchise, Inc.January 3, 1994Suntrust Resort Holdings, Inc.
Metro Drug, Inc.Metro Pacific CorporationNovember 17, 1993Metro Pacific Corporation
Olecram MiningOlecram Mining CorporationSeptember 24, 1993Century Properties Group Inc.
Keppel Philippine Shipyard, Inc.Keppel Philippines Holdings, Inc.September 20, 1993Keppel Philippines Holdings, Inc.
Engineering Equipment, Inc.EEI CorporationApril 1, 1993EEI Corporation
Unioil Explo. & Mineral Dev. Co., Inc.Unioil & Gas Development Company, Inc.March 15, 1993Unioil Resources & Holdings Company, Inc.
Globe Mackay Cable and Radio CorporationGlobe Telecom GMCR, Inc.December 23, 1992Globe Telecom, Inc.
Private Development Corporation of the Phils.PDCP Development BankDecember 3, 1992Prime Media Holdings, Inc.
Precision Electronics CorporationMatsushita Electric Phils.CorporationOctober 1, 1992Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation
Surigao Consolidated Mining Co., Inc.Suricon Resources CorporationSeptember 2, 1992Gotesco Land, Inc.
Phil. Overseas Drilling & Oil Development CorporationThe Philodrill CorporationDecember 27, 1990The Philodrill Corporation
Republic Glass CorporationRepublic Glass Holdings CorporationMarch 26, 1990Republic Glass Holdings Corporation
United Asia Res. and Geothermal CorporationUnited Paragon Mining CorporationJanuary 29, 1990United Paragon Mining Corporation
Piedra Negra Mining CorporationAbacus Consolidated Res.& Holdings, Inc.November 10, 1989AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc
Polar Mines, Inc.Polar Mines and Development CorporationJanuary 16, 1989Vistamalls, Inc.
Belle Mining & Oil Exploration, Inc.Belle Resources CorporationDecember 14, 1988Belle Corporation
Delbros Hotel CorporationAcesite (Philippines) Hotel CorporationMay 24, 1988Acesite (Philippines) Hotel Corporation
The Consolidated Bank and Trust CorporationSolid Bank CorporationMarch 15, 1988First Metro Investment Corporation
Manhattan Mining CorporationCity Resources (Phil.) CorporationFebruary 22, 1988Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation
Sime Darby International Tire Co., Inc.Sime Darby Pilipinas, Inc.February 15, 1988Sime Darby Pilipinas, Inc.
Filipinas Synthetic Fiber CorporationFilsyn CorporationNovember 20, 1987Filsyn Corporation
Seafront Petroleum & Mineral Res., Inc.Seafront Resources CorporationJune 10, 1987Seafront Resources Corporation
Ayala Fund, Inc.SM Fund, Inc.October 29, 1986SM Development Corporation
Ultrana Nuclear and Minerals CorporationUltrana Enery Resources CorporationMarch 25, 1985F & J Prince Holdings Corporation
South Seas Oil & Min’l.Explo.& Development Co.South Seas Natural Resources, Inc.July 19, 1984Philweb Corporation
Construction and Development Corporation of the Phils.Philippine National Construction CorporationApril 26, 1984Philippine National Construction Corporation
CDCP Mining CorporationBasay Mining CorporationJune 10, 1983Basay Mining Corporation
LRM MiningOlecram MiningMay 24, 1983Century Properties Group Inc.
B.F. Goodrich Phils., Inc.Sime Darby International Tire Co., Inc.August 20, 1981Sime Darby Pilipinas, Inc.
Commercial Bank & Trust CompanyBank of the Philippine IslandsJuly 15, 1981Bank of the Philippine Islands
Sulu Sea Oil Development CorporationThe Energy CorporationFebruary 5, 1981Asia Amalgamated Holdings Corporation
Electro Copper, Inc.Ore Phil. Mining & Industrial CorporationOctober 10, 1980Ore Phil. Mining & Industrial Corporation
Benguet Consolidated, Inc.Benguet CorporationJune 30, 1980Benguet Corporation

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