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Access to long term CAPITAL

Raise capital from selling shares available for use in strategic growth initiatives, servicing of debt, and/or funding of acquisitions.

The company may return to the stock market for succeeding offerings post-IPO to raise additional funding.


Increased transparency from market-driven valuation and regular disclosure reporting of the company contribute to potentially more favorable corporate financing terms from other sources (e.g., banks, bond market, etc.).


Liquidity and ready valuation of listed securities have a favorable impact on the potential entry of strategic investors in the company.

Easier for investors to buy or sell shares of a company that is listed, as these can be done online or via a traditional broker.


Publicly listed companies are required to comply with strict corporate governance rules and require greater transparency via regular disclosures to the investing public. This results in a professionally-run company with a sound management team leading it. It also enhances the sustainability of a company’s overall operations.


Publicly listed companies  are required to comply with strict corporate governance rules and require greater transparency via regular disclosures to the investing public.


As visibility for shareholders and to the public increases through regular company disclosures, the credibility of the company heightens which makes it more attractive to prospective new investors and ventures.

Exposure to the GLOBAL MARKET

A publicly listed company  generates greater awareness as compared to a private company’s conventional marketing and public relations efforts.

Regular disclosures, media reports, and analyst coverage increase the company’s visibility to potential investors (both local and global) and strategic partners.


Stock option plans for employees can boost morale and productivity, increasing attractiveness as an employer.

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